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Romantic Suspense for Review: No Ordinary Man by S. Carman Knight

Hannah Swift is in big trouble. The Egyptian antiquity entrusted to her care is gone. Now she must tell her employer, Jesher Kenyon, that his priceless family treasure has been replaced with a copy. And when she does, she becomes Jesher’s number one suspect.

Jesher Kenyon, a dealer in fine art and antiquities, has long denied his feelings for Hannah. Now he seizes on the opportunity provided by the missing artifact to keep Hannah close by his side. Together they follow the trail of the stolen Egyptian statue until they uncover the truth.

But happy endings prove elusive. Just when the mystery seems solved, one final twist leaves Jesher in trouble and Hannah the only one who can help him.

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Praise for No Ordinary Man:

“Offers readers with enough intrigue, suspense, mystery and plot twists to keep you guessing to the very end!” ~ CrazyOnBooks


Women’s Fiction for Review: Tinman’s Heart by S. Carman Knight

Maris McKinney’s life is a mess. There’s her ugly divorce and her flailing business. And then there’s the run-down storefront she can’t rent. But don’t count Maris out just yet. She’s got a plan and it doesn’t include men.

Lucas Kemsley’s life has stalled. His career is gone, maybe forever. He’s got more debt than he can handle. And then there are all the questions about what really happened to him that November night.

Anyone can see relationship between Maris and Lucas won’t work. Too much baggage. Too many distractions. Except Lucas keeps turning up in Maris’ life and before long the two find it impossible to resist each other. But the more entwined their lives become, the more Maris realizes that there are parts of Lucas he is either unable or unwilling to share.

Then one sunny afternoon, someone decides Maris should die.

Learn the truth of what happened to Lucas as he discovers it himself, piece by piece.

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Women’s Fiction for Review: Deception by S. Carman Knight

Chelsea Campbell’s life has come undone. Routine and order have been replaced with break-ins and bludgeonings and triggered house alarms. And now a shadowy figure lurks in her bedroom, ready to do her harm. The police aren’t much help. No clues, they tell her. So, what’s a girl to do?

Chelsea calls the one person she can count on – long time family friend, Dallas Quinn. Oh, Chelsea! Maybe not a good idea. Dallas Quinn has played his feelings close to the chest for years. And promises to keep Chelsea safe not withstanding, Dallas could be the biggest danger yet.

Still, the two work side by side to unravel the mystery that has upended Chelsea’s life and when the mystery is solved, they must unravel their feelings for each other.

Deception, a contemporary romance, weaves elements of suspense and mystery into a surprising but satisfying story of love.

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