LGBTQ Romance Book for Review: Worth the Risk by C.J. Lynne

LGBTQ readers and fans, check out Worth the Risk by C.J. Lynne, now available for review at Reading Alley. For those who have already read it, do write a comment below or on the Reading Alley site and share with us your thoughts on the book.

Author: C.J. Lynne
Series: Infinity Series, Book 1
Genre: LGBTQ, Romance


Some risks are scarier than others because they’re the most important ones we’ll ever undertake…

Tyler Johnson has had to scrape and fight for even the basics in life. His mother deserted him when he was seven and his father—such as he is—threw him out at sixteen upon learning he was gay. However, Ty is determined to make something of himself, and he’s worked hard to land in one of the country’s most prestigious Law Schools.

His motto is: he can’t depend on anyone but himself. He doesn’t believe in love—little of it has ever been shown to him. However, a chance meeting with the enigmatic Jax begins to change all of that. Jax is handsome, fun to be around and makes Ty feel special. Still, Tyler won’t take this for more than it is—two guys blowing off a little sexual steam together. That, he can handle.

He and Jax are way too different and at far opposing stages in their lives to ever last beyond an intense fling…but surprisingly there are times when Ty wishes that wasn’t the case. He won’t, however, let himself believe in someone again only to be disappointed and used.

Ty logically knows that when it comes to relationships, happily ever after doesn’t exist for him…but if anyone is going to get him to question his resolve and take a chance he’s willing to bet it will be the gorgeously brilliant Jaxon.

Jaxon Markham has it all. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has a wonderful family, a satisfying, stimulating career and more money than he’ll ever be able to spend. The one thing missing is someone special to share it all with. Enter Tyler Johnson—a gorgeous man whom Jax quickly learns doesn’t believe in love. After one date, Jax makes it his mission to prove Tyler wrong, because in this man who holds his abused heart safely locked away, Jax quickly realizes he’s found his soulmate. Ty insists he isn’t looking for anything permanent, but that’s too bad because Jax certainly is, and he’s also doggedly determined when he wants something, which Ty will soon found out.

No matter how long it takes, Jax intends to prove to Tyler that some things are worth the risk of opening up one’s heart.

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