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New Mystery and Thriller for Review: Fatal Divide by Jamie Jeffries

Alex Ward solved a murder last summer by getting kidnapped. Dylan Chaves, a former high school sweetheart, helped save her then, and they found their mutual attraction stronger than ever. But no one quite understood what forces were working to turn their sleepy little Arizona desert town into a hotbed of intrigue. In fact, they thought it was over.

Now, the murder of a distant relative puts Dylan in the midst of a cartel war, and Dylan learns something about himself that threatens to put their budding romance at risk. Alex can feel alliances shifting as old secrets come to light. Can she compete with Dylan’s complex and growing responsibilities, or must she let him go to follow her own life’s dream?

Fatal Divide is Book 2 of the Desert Heat series.

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Mystery and Thriller for Review: Fatal Exposure by Jamie Jeffries

Alex Ward is a college student and aspiring investigative journalist. She lives in Dodge, AZ, a tiny town near the US-Mexico border, works for her father’s weekly newspaper and commutes to her college classes a couple of times a week. Nothing much happens to interrupt her routine, which is why she’d love to escape the small town and find excitement in a big city. Until, that is, she finds herself at the scene of a possible murder. Her life is shaken up big time by the arrival at the scene of her ex-boyfriend, who left four years ago and vowed never to come back.

Dylan Chaves, a US Park Service ranger at nearby Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, left town after his high-school graduation, determined to escape the town, the embarrassment of his alcoholic mother, and the torture of inappropriate feelings for a younger girl. Recently called back because of his mother’s terminal illness, he never expected to find Alex still in town.

Alex is drawn into the murder investigation when Dylan falls under suspicion. Before it’s solved, there is another death and both Dylan and Alex face near-death experiences, while the old attraction exerts its pull again.

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