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5 Writing Tips to Creating a Page Turner or What Makes A Good Story

Want to get readers to keep on turning the page well into the night?

Here are 5 tips from Eileen Cook, author of With Malice:

  1. Create stakes that matter
  2. Unpredictable characters
  3. Unpredictable plot
  4. Pace with purpose
  5. Give readers something to talk about

Source: Writers’ Digest

You may also want to check out Chuck Wendig’s post on What Exactly Makes a Damn Good Story?


BEA News

BEA this year moved its venue from New York to Chicago, and it’s a welcome change for some booksellers, who hadn’t attended the convention in over two years. However, this means a smaller representation from the big publishing houses, as they sent fewer staff to set up the booths.

Is a flat royalty rate across all formats of a book possible? This was one of the panel discussions held at the convention.

“The idea for the flat royalty came in a debate about whether the e-book royalty rate should move from the current 25% to 50% as advocated by the guild.”

Related to this, Kobo has learned that while most book marketing is spent on millennials, those using Kobo are actually much older at 50+ years of age for both print and digital titles. Maybe because they have more time to read?

Source (photo and articles): Publishers Weekly