Paranormal Romance for Review: Eve’s Amulet by Carole Avila

Mandy Ruhe finds a sacred amulet and is swept back in time to Texas 1845, where romance goes hand in hand with gunrunning. Mandy finds herself inside the body of ranch owner, Carmena Luebber, and assumes Carmena’s role. Caught in the lives of the people who work the ranch, and torn between two men in love with the woman she portrays, Mandy hopes that true love can triumph over time. Trapped in the past, she must return to her own life—before she messes up the future for everyone!

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Praise for EVE’S AMULET:

“Stunning book that ticks a lot of boxes.” ~ Sheereader, 5 stars

“Fascinating read.” ~ SJ Francis, 5 stars

* * * * *

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