Fantasy for Review: Done with Death by David Babineau

Welcome to Purgatory! Why Purgatory you ask? Well that’s easy; you are here because you did everything right and at the same time–everything wrong. Listen, no one said this was going to be easy but while you are here, you may as well enjoy our ever-grey skies and check out some of our tourist attractions. We really don’t care what you do here in Purgatory because no matter what–you are going to be here for a very long time!

Chuck Robbins never wanted to die. When a death comes knocking to offer him a job, well–he’d be an idiot to pass it up. Living dead in Purgatory was the just the beginning of Chuck’s troubles. Now he must reap the souls of people he’s never met, just to make his quota or face banishment to the worst company every created–Hell; where there are no vacation packages or retirement incentives. Chuck’s only problem–an ancient evil within the universe has taken an interest in him and it wants Chuck to succeed, because when he does; the system will fail and the universe will collapse.

Done With Death contains demons, fallen angels who curse like sailors, Jesus who loves to drink PBR and David Bowie. Who ever said the Afterlife had to suck?

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“The story and the writing style are very interesting and like a breath of fresh air, funny when needed…” ~ milligan1111, 4 stars

“Thrilling!” ~ rhenette, 5 stars

* * * * *

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