New Adult Romance for Review: Simpatico: They Will Never Tear Us Apart by Dermot Davis

Nothing prepared Fiona for the powerful feelings that overwhelmed her upon meeting the brooding and mysterious Andrew. When they decide to run away to escape her father’s influence the stakes get higher and potentially fatal for both of them. As a member of The Order of The Wise Serpents, Fiona’s father has connections and influence that extend across all levels and social strata of society. The lovers soon find themselves balanced precipitously between danger and desire.

Intensely romantic and extremely suspenseful, Simpatico captures the struggle between defying the dictates of what others want for us and following the innate urgings of our own hearts and souls. This is a love story that takes no prisoners.

Multi award-winning author Dermot Davis writes a contemporary love story where relentless tension builds to a riveting crescendo. A thrilling and realistic tale of passion and suspense, anyone who has ever been in love will empathize with Andrew and Fiona as, against all odds, they do everything in their power to never be torn apart.

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Praise for SIMPATICO:

“Exhaustingly Great Read with a Surprising End.” ~ JSDaniMine, 4 stars

* * * * *

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