Fantasy Romance for Review: The Captain by Andi Lawrencovna

Prince Christophe is having a ball…but when isn’t he?

After a relatively quiet year of sword play and politics, Kit and Eli have finally settled into a routine of pretending neither means more to the other than a simple offer of friendship can imply.

But friendships are tested, and lands at peace will turn to war.

Sometimes the one most suited to protect you is the one who holds the sharpest blade.

And there is no sharper sword than The Captain.

Hired to Kill. Sworn to Protect.

In the world of the Never Lands, Fairy Tales aren’t quite like you remember.

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Praise for THE CAPTAIN:

“Great second installment!” ~ jodietwhite, 4 stars

“Ella is as kick-ass as ever, but this time, the prince is, too!” ~ Phoenix, 5 stars

“THE CAPTAIN is a good bridge book, as it continues to fan the flames of my intrigue as to how this fascinating story is to unravel.” ~ ashia, 4 stars

* * * * *

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