Mystery/Thriller Romance for Review: Law Inc. Life On Top by TL Alexander

Law Inc. a new series from the author of the LOL Layers Series.

Law Inc. Life on Top (case 101) A Cassandra Marcella Mystery, a continuing series.

A Dom is accused of murdering his submissive, in his playroom. As evidence begins to stack-up against him, he realizes he needs one of the best attorney in NYC. Unfortunately, he’s accused of the one crime she won’t defend.

My name is Cassandra Marcella; I’m a criminal law attorney in the state of New York. Some might say I’m a badass, ball-busting, controlling bitch. And that would be the some whom I’d consider my friends.

I couldn’t believe it. Me, Cole Ryder, the control freak, the guy who sorts his socks by type, color, texture, material, pattern…. You get the picture. The guy who from preschool to present day has never painted outside the lines. That guy was charged with murder.

I was innocent, of course, but things didn’t look good. In fact, things looked very bad. I had an attorney, several of them, but none who practiced criminal law.

My patent attorney manages to get me through the arraignment process, and the three-million-dollar bail was no biggie. Now I needed to find a criminal attorney, a good one. All of my attorneys recommended her. “She is the best. The go-to attorney when cases seemed stacked against the accused.” In other words, when your shit had already hit the fan, and you’re down to those two small squares of toilet paper glued to the roll.

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