Erotic Romance for Review: Beneath Layers by TL Alexander

Jaxson Ryan was so close to having the woman, the life, he’s always wanted. But that was before…

Alexia—The broken part of me—is me. It’s my blood, my flesh, and my bones. It’s cancer in remission, not to be disturbed. If it is, it will metastasize, it will kill me.Jaxson Ryan—We’d gone beyond, over the hurdle that had pushed us apart so many times before. I was close to touching that place she hides from everyone, even herself, but now…

Will Alexia find her inner Cinderella? Will Jaxson find that elusive glass slipper? Will Alexia come out of her dungeon and put that glass slipper on? Will they find their happily-ever-after? They just might. But…like everything in their complicated crazy-assed lives it won’t be easy.

So, charge up that e-reader, pour yourself drab, or three-fingers of scotch, pull up those granny panties, get comfy, and enjoy the ride.

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Praise for Beneath Layers:

“Enthralling, maddening, steamy, addicting, and just…delicious” ~ empressdj

“Gets better with each book” ~ jodietwhite

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