Romance Book for Review: Midsummer Solstice by J.L. Wells

When Naida’s mother dies she is forced to escape from London before her stepfaher Andreas arranges a marriage for her. She arrives at Old Moorstone Farm in Cornwall and stays with the Tregartha family. Concealing her own mysterious secrets, the quiet backwater she hoped would be her refuge, holds sinister tensions.

Ivor Tregartha informs Naida that his wife is an invalid. Soon Naida realises the woman is far more disturbed than she was led to believe. She appears terrified of her daughter Lowenna.

Naida meets a handsome fisherman who tells her many mystical stories of Cornwall, of the white witch Lilith and the Druid festival of Midsummer Eve. She finds she is falling in love.

Eventually her past catches up with her. Her stepbrother Petros traces her and attemps to abduct her. A marriage has been arranged for her with a wealthy friend of her stepfather. This compromises her new found friendships and sets in motion a series of consequences, kidnapping, danger, intrigue and ill fated love.

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