Erotic Romance for Review: Dance Down the Moon by J.L. Wells

Starla-sky, at a crossroads in her life, takes up the invitation to visit a long lost Aunt in Marbella. There she meets the handsome but arrogant Jose Velazquez and his troupe of gypsy flamenco dancers. After just breaking free from a disastrous relationship with Matt, she decides no one but herself can give her happiness. The last thing she wants is to fall in love.

She finds herself caught in a treacherous plot to ruin her Aunt and Uncle. Much to her annoyance Jose is hired to protect her. He takes her to the gypsy caves at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. There begins her journey to self discovery.

She cannot deny the powerful attraction he invokes in her. She realises they are cultures apart. He is stuck in the old beliefs and customs. She is headstrong and liberated. Her wilful behaviour causes antagonism and takes her to the depths of despair.

Seeking help she learns the philosophy of universal law from the wise woman.

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