New Books for Review: LGBTQ by Charity Parkerson and Jeff DeLuna

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By day, Cade works as a mechanic. By night, he’s the drummer for a popular nightclub band. Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream. That is, until Cade meets Dylan.

For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity. There’s no way he could’ve foreseen how torturous the position would become. Six months of craving Cade has driven Dylan insane. No matter what he tries, Dylan can’t get a clear read on Cade. When Cade does finally make his move, Dylan realizes a fate worse than never having the man of his dreams-being kept a secret.

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Kay Ford is a thirty-eight year-old housewife who has never been in love. She has a twenty-year old daughter who has been raised mostly by her doting father, Kay’s husband, Adam. Kay has her Catholic faith to sustain her, but it often falls short of providing enough comfort to give her a reason to go on. When she attended high school, she was a star soccer player, giving notoriety to herself and her school, St. Leo’s Academy.

One day Kay is offered the temporary position of soccer coach at St. Leo’s while the current coach completes her pregnancy. Kay takes to the new job with enthusiasm and hope and it soon rejuvenates her moribund life. She is gaining emotional strength until she meets one of her players, eighteen year-old Martha McBride. At the first sight of Martha, Kay is pixillated. Martha’s unparalleled beauty and irresistible magnetism captivate Kay. She tries to resist having such strong feelings for Martha, but it’s to no avail. The stark fact is that she has fallen in love with Martha. At first, there is no sexual component to her love of the girl. But, over time, Kay’s loneliness and fantasy-fueled imagination cause her to desire physical contact. The lovemaking between the two contains serious elements of bdsm and erotica.

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