New Books for Review: Erotic Romance by Malerie Page and BJ Wane

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One career girl, one list, one year = one racy mission.

When 24-year-old Amber Aiken-Wood arrives in New York to launch her career in Journalism, she sets out on an unforeseen and sexy little adventure. As her career aspirations grow, so do her own filthy ambitions. She sets about exploring her sexual boundaries by drawing up an erotic version of a bucket list and then she gets to work ticking off the items all within her first year of arriving in New York. As Amber’s sexual fantasies come to life, she finds herself in situations beyond her wildest dreams and then her life heads in an unexpected, but exciting new direction.

The Red Hot Bucket List successfully blends the popular genres of erotic romance and chick-lit to tell a story of ambition and drive that many women will be able to relate.

It is a story telling one young woman’s adventures in lust, love and life.

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Piper Winters first met Brody Pearce when he accompanied her adoptive father, Charles Sandoval, to visit her in Geneva where she went to school. Knowing a man as sexy and enigmatic as him wouldn’t be interested in an overweight, shy college kid didn’t keep her body from responding every time he was near or her fantasies from dominating her long, lonely nights.

When Brody arrives without Charles the weekend of her graduation, Piper lets yet another disappointment from Charles overrule her common sense and seduces Brody into spending the night with her. When Brody leaves abruptly the next morning after receiving a phone call that raised her suspicions, Piper decides she’s had enough evasiveness and subterfuge from both Charles and Brody and sets out to confront them both. But when she arrives in Atlantic City and spies on the private party Charles is hosting at his casino, she learns more about her father and Brody than she ever wanted to know.

For five years Brody had tried to forget the shock of seeing Piper witnessing the assassination attempt on Charles Sandoval, the man he was working undercover for in an attempt to use his alleged connection to notorious drug lord, Antony Pasquino, in order to bring Pasquino’s organization down. He had also tried, and failed, to forget the one night he had had her soft body next to him and her eager response to the hard slaps he had landed on her lush ass.

When he hears she’s missing, both Brody and his partner, Ian, rush to Missouri in search of her only to be shocked to find her in her bed, her body suffering the effects of a powerful aphrodisiac. Over the next week, Brody and Ian use every means necessary to rein in Piper’s independent, feisty nature in order to keep her safe from the escalating threats aimed at her.

Unfortunately, the sexual discipline they subject her to is met with her wholehearted enthusiasm for everything they dished out, making it impossible for Brody to keep doing the right thing by her until he knew if Charles Sandoval was dead for sure and no longer integral to their case against Pasquino. Nothing is as it seems in Missouri or at the Empire Casino, but Brody wasn’t going to let that stop him this time from going after the only woman who was a perfect match for him.

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